The passing of the greatest king in Thai’s history.


PS. This post is written in English to avoid Thai’s royal word and, more importantly, to prevent some of my personal opinions to make me in trouble.

Today, 13 October 2016, after 70 years of never-ending care in Thai people, King Bhumibol passed away. I think this is pretty big lost to Thai people because he is respected by virtually everyone in the country. At this time, all TV channels are broadcasting how great is him.

And, indeed, he is very great, because he has done countless things for Thailand. We are kind of lucky that he is the king, because if he didn’t become the king, he will not be able to do so many things for Thai people, even if he wants to. I think this is a very good example of how to use the power you have in the right way.

Talking about TV broadcasting, I think it’s a bit lucky in that all facilities for letting all channels to broadcast the same thing has been in place since the coup last year. This is due to coup’s requirement to broadcast their news every day after 6 PM. This makes it easier to tell all channels, including small ones, to broadcast this thing. (Because if they don’t, they will be punished under coup’s command.) So, this is a good thing in this very sad moment.

Although I’m sorry to hear that the king passed away, I still have to walk forward. I think we simply can’t stick to this sadness forever, and I think he wishes that we won’t, too. So, I want you to limit yourself how sad you are, and get back to your normal life as soon as possible. I think that’s what he wants, trust me.

Ratchanan Srirattanamet
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